Active market labour policies aimed at workers made reduntant from De Tomaso (ex Delphi)  Progetto Operativo FEG/Provincia di Livorno.  The project is addressed to 128 workers who join the  regional project co-funded by EGF

seaSea risorse is a public-private company specialized in separate waste management for the Counties of Camaiore and Viareggio.
IM.O.FOR Toscana handled a pre-enterview on the basis of cvs, an on line screeing of 825 application forms, a written test with 733 candidates, preliminary and get to know interwiew with 150 candidates, cv’s analisys and evaluation, the drafting of the final ranking.

For the Provincia di Pisa, areas concerned Pisa and Pontedera, for the project”Movimentazione Donne”

  • Employment aid, reconciliation of work and family life voucher, in order to ease the relocation of women in the labor market, as well as a bettere reconciliation of work and family times
  • Use of ‘psyco – play’ as an innovative way of interaction, self-motivation, in order to enhance their own personal attitudes and to ease the outplacement.
  • Guidance interwiews to those women who have attended  multemedia courses in order to enhance a posive attitude towards their outplacement, as well to promote them to join new vocational training paths.

tronyIM.O.For Toscana has provided its services to Trony GRE spa (sales point of Calcinaia (PI) Fornacette), the well-known Italian chain of shops specialized in the sale of household appliances, consumer electronics, computers and  cell phones, such as a TEAM Building course, for skilled shop assistants,  apprentices and managers.
The main aims were to set put a coherent and aligned team, to make workers share the same targets as the company’s , as well to promote effective communication skills, and a client oriented mission.

starbeneascuola“Star bene a scuola” – Partecipation in congress hold by Trade Union Gilda: “Well-beeing at school”, an analysis of work-related stress, in order to promote a better organization, set up by the teacher’s Union Gilda toghether with Associazione docenti Art. 33.

Public contract aimed to train and relocate workers made redundant for economic reasons (mobilità),Progetto UNRRA (united nations relief and rehabilitation administration), Provincia di Pisa – Mistero dell’Interno, in order to speed up the relocation of unemployed people who address to public job centres.

burnoutA survey related to the organizational well-being and burn out in “helping – relationship” jobs, VIII CONVEGNO: LA PREVENZIONE NELLA SCUOLA E NELLA COMUNITA’ promoted by Padova University and Link, surveys workshop in support of the community.

livlavLIVLAV 450 “Anti-crisis mesures action programme”: Vocational guidance, training and retraining, outplacement”, addressed to 450 workers dismissed for economic reasons (CIG, Mobilità).