IM.O.FOR. Core businness is vocational guidance, its areas of action are:

  • educational guidance
  • vocational guidance
  • higher education guidance

IM.O.FOR. experts considers vocational guidance as a life long learning process, whose aim is to enable people to become independent and aware of their capacities for choice, in order to succeeding in integrate withe the changing complexity of labor market.

Our main aim is offer an high qualified help to those people who are facing difficulties in choosing a professional, scholastic or education path.

Globalization and technological progress, typical of our historical epoch, are moreover calling for workers with different specific competences which differs from the ones required in the XX Century labor market.
In a so called ‘know-how’ society, workers are required to be constantly up dated , to be able to deal with sophisticated technologies, to accept flexibility, instead of stability on the work place,  keep up with their knowledge, (GIPO, Vol. 11/1 2010, Giunti O.S. Organizzazioni Speciali – Firenze).

IM.O.FOR experts main aim is therefore to help those people who can’t conform to the labour market changings, giving them an effective response with such instruments as vocational guidance and competence assesment, this one considered as the most effective.

Through the Skill Assesment instrument people are supported in identifying their competences, in order to develop a better adaptibility flexibility and employability .(Il Bilancio di Competenze – Prospettive di approfondimento. A cura di Di Fabio e Majer, 2004).

IM.O.FOR experts, use constantly in their working method the paradigm of Life design, with such actions related to

  • a life long process
  • olistic action
  • suitable to the contest
  • preventive action

In order to ease the story telling, adaptability, employability