> Certificazione di Qualità UNI EN ISO 9001:2008:,and it’s therefore entitled to plan and give vocational guidance services within Job Centers, vocational training courses, as well as consultancy services for research and staff selection.
The company is subject Accredited Services for Work pursuant to LR 32/2002 and subsequent amendments (Decreto n. 2756 del 12/07/2013) , for vocational guidance, mediation between demand and supply of labor, support first information to customers regarding internships, access to the labour market for disabled workers, educational guidance to young people aged 16/18 who still required training, promote Job Center activities, support  Job Center first information activities.

Accredited by the Tuscany Regional Training Agency (code PI 0153).

Authorization to pursue such activities as” staff recriutment and selection , brokerage, in order to worker’s outplacement ” registration in the jobs recruitment and employment agency Regional Register.

> Codice Etico as a mean to enhance professional ethics among IM.O.For Toscana workers